We have used the legal services of Gleason & Koatz for some time now and we are very pleased with the attention they give to each and every matter.

The exceptional legal advice, attention to detail and quick-turnaround are key components for a legal team and I am happy to say Gleason & Koatz delivers just that.

– Patricio Barriga
CEO and President / Fagor America, Inc.

I had the opportunity to hire Gleason & Koatz law firm as outside counsels while I was the General Counsel of HOTUSA/EUROSTARS, a leading Spanish hotel corporation.

Gleason & Koatz helped us on a successful acquisition of a hotel boutique in New York City, The Dylan Hotel.

Fernando and his team provided an excellent and accurate legal advice which helped EUROSTARS and its managing bodies to take the right decisions over the acquisition. Gleason & Koatz has an excellent international team and provides the best approach to clients from foreign jurisdictions. I believe Gleason & Koatz is a highly reliable law firm and the right outside partner to conduct businesses in New York. I look forward to continue working with Fernando and his team in the near future.

– Jose Manuel Such de Mena
Legal Counsel / Business Development

I worked with Gleason & Koatz, LLP on several occasions and always found them very diligent, knowledgeable, and personable in their work and advice. I trust G&K and know that they will give me the best advice I can find. Fernando even recommended a good accountant for us when he felt our needs exceeded his expertise. I highly recommend Gleason & Koatz for any of your legal needs, be they domestic or international.

– Patrick Finegan
Creative Entrepreneur | Executive Manager & Strategist | Educator | Artist

I worked as a special-projects review accountant re-submitting and re-clarifying campaign donor forms with Fernando Koatz, who as an attorney presented them in the form of an appeal to the NYC Campaign Finance Board (CFB) on behalf of Friends For Gerson 2009.

Fernando was able to highlight the multilingual nuances of foreign-language submissions before a scrutinizing review board panel whereby I as a co-presenter, along with the crowded room of CFB observers, became impressed with Mr. Koatz’s arguments and ability to work under pressure in the spotlight – clarifying counterarguments from the thrust of questions the CFB review board panel threw at him.

As such, I would recommend Fernando both as a litigator and as a process attorney – especially in the multi-lingual and multi-cultural environments he specializes in.

– Albert Gavalis

I can vouch for Fernando’s expertise in international law, real estate, business, and international law planning, as well as immigration law.

– Paul Rubell
Corporate / Privacy and Technology Lawyer

From the moment I had the pleasure of meeting Fernando, I recognized a very special person who is willing to take the time to assist when he is able. Furthermore, I am delighted to call him friend.

– Stephie Pahlavi Zan
CEO Stephie Pahlavi Zan Consulting

Gleason & Koatz has represented Ournett Corporation since 2012. Gleason and Koatz assisted us with the many aspects of the company’s affairs. In late 2013, Ournett filed to become a public company with the Securities and Exchanges Commission due in great measure to the legal counsel of Gleason & Koatz, including:

  • Creating the corporate structure.
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts for internal and external members of Ournett.
  • Contracting and coordinating with other attorneys, auditors, Chief Financial Officers and financial experts.
  • Drafting documents for filing with the SEC.
  • Drafting of corporate resolutions.

The knowledge, professionalism and excellent work by all the members of Gleason & Koatz has been the reason why our company is close to being listed.

– Fdo. Pablo Alonso
Founder and CEO – Ournett Corp.